Countdown to Cucoanele Fiesta: Get Your Tickets Now for a Night to Remember at Castel Mimi!

Countdown to Cucoanele Fiesta at Castel Mimi – elegance and feminine beauty in a Mexican style, celebrated in an exclusive atmosphere at Castel Mimi, one of the most beautiful wineries in the world!

Castel Mimi, nicknamed the “Versailles Palace of the Republic of Moldova” by the international press, is organizing a new evening dedicated to those who cherish quality moments spent with friends and family. With a history of 130 years, this cultural heritage gem aims to transport us to the era when Constantin Mimi invited nobles from the entire region to his famous parties.

On August 5, 2023, Castel Mimi will host the Cucoanele Fiesta, a celebration in honor of the Cucoanele wine. This exceptional drink, appreciated in recent summers, with a select blend and a hue similar to a wheat ear, delights the senses with sweet floral aromas.

This special evening will uniquely celebrate feminine beauty and elegance, offering guests of Castel Mimi several exceptional premieres.


Firstly, participants will be surprised by the story of the famous Mexican painter, Frida Kahlo, who influenced prestigious fashion houses such as Dior and graced the cover of Vogue magazine. She redefined the concept of feminine beauty and changed the world’s perception of the beauty ideal. Her quotes, presented as life lessons, have inspired millions of women, restoring their self-confidence in every stage of life.

Additionally, during this evening, you will have the opportunity to discover Cristina Frolov through her life lessons, presented in a unique workshop focused on building self-confidence.

Besides all of these, all the guests will have the entire palace at their disposal, just as the presidents of European Union states admired it at the beginning of summer, to spend time pleasantly with their loved ones.

Whether you choose to capture memorable moments in the dedicated photography area, enjoy live music or dance to the captivating rhythms created by the DJ, or take part in the fast tours of Castel Mimi (at pre-established hourly intervals), the options are varied and full of excitement.

All guests will benefit from unlimited access to the elegant “Cucoanele” wine, accompanied by a complimentary glass. Additionally, event participants will savor Mexican cuisine prepared right in the open-air kitchen at Castel Mimi.

The event will begin at 18:00, and tickets can be purchased at

Details regarding the Dress Code can be found HERE. The spots are limited, so we advise you to reserve your place as soon as possible!

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