Crowdfunding, regulated in Moldova. Gavrilița: Alternative sources of financing for small entrepreneurs

The private sector in the Republic of Moldova will be able to access financing alternative to banking through crowdfunding or crowdfunding tools, after the Government has approved an appropriate project. The authorities claim that, in this way, small entrepreneurs will have alternative sources of financing.

“By creating the legal framework for crowdfunding, we will be able to offer small entrepreneurs alternative sources of financing, and citizens – new investment instruments. Thus, we will boost the development of a rising sector in the West, which was expected for a long time in the Republic of Moldova. However, the state will continue to provide support through the Entrepreneurship Development Organization, which has come up with many new programs lately,” said Natalia Gavrilița.


According to the project voted by the ministers, business activities will be carried out on electronic platforms and through secure means of identification. Thus, bureaucratic procedures will be avoided, and payments and transactions of the crowdfunding process will take place exclusively by bank transfer and payment instruments offered by payment companies.

“Participatory financing or crowdfunding is a way of democratizing and expanding access to capital, thus facilitating the investment community in selecting the entrepreneurial sectors of the economy that require capital funds and which, moreover, have limited access to traditional sources of financing”, he also states The executive.

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