Daughter of an MP detained after airport raids. Grosu asks the MP to resign her mandate

Igor Grosu asks PAS MP Victoria Cazacu to hand in her mandate. It comes after the National Anti-Corruption Centre (NAC) targeted the parliamentarian’s daughter in an investigation, with actions against her being carried out during searches at the airport.

“Today the NAC informed about searches at the Airport in a corruption and bribery case targeting the daughter of a Member of Parliament. Even if this person is presumed innocent until a court decision is handed down, such cases overshadow and undermine our fight against corruption.

The submission of the mandate by Victoria Cazacu MEP is necessary in such circumstances. The parliamentary faction of PAS will also take all measures to exclude her from parliamentary bodies and the faction. Corruption is a serious threat to our country and we will not tolerate such cases,” the Speaker announced.


Realitatea editorial staff tried to call Victoria Cazacu to ask for her reaction. The parliamentarian’s number was out of range, then the MP answered and hung up immediately.

There are rumors in the public space that the son of Socialist MP Radu Mudreac and the son of a former Democratic Party MP are in the eyes of law enforcement. The information has not been officially confirmed. The BCS MP’s number was not available either, and he did not respond.

Former MP Gheorghe Brasovschi said that “the son is 18 years old, mature and responsible for his actions.”

On April 1 morning, searches were carried out at the airport in connection with a scheme to demand money from passengers to facilitate the smuggling of various goods into or out of the country. Several customs inspectors of the Customs Post at Chisinau International Airport and individuals are being investigated by NAC officers and prosecutors of the Chisinau municipality.

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