Defense Minister: Moldova has 20 radars, but most of them are old. A new one won’t be brought in until 2025

Moldova’s army has about 20 radars, but all of them are old, Defence Minister Anatolie Nosatii said in an interview with Europa Liberă. The official said a new system would not arrive in our country until 2025.

Currently, our country has only one radar that is supposed to identify airborne hazards, purchased from the French with money from the state budget. But it cannot identify Shahid drones.

Acquired radar has been and continues to be a subject of misinformation and speculation. Someone thinks that this radar gives us a cover and defense against any danger in the airspace,” Nosatii commented on the criticism after drone debris containing explosives was found in the south of the country.


The minister also explained that the radar that has been added to the Moldovan military’s equipment is for surveillance and cannot shoot down dangerous objects. Nosatyi also said that the next radar to arrive in Moldova will be purchased with European funds.

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