Deputy Prime Minister for European Integration makes working visit to Brussels and Berlin

Deputy Prime Minister for European Integration, Cristina Gherasimov, embarks on a working itinerary from March 11th to 14th in Brussels, followed by a visit to Berlin on March 15th.

Accompanied by key decision-makers responsible for European legislation from various ministries including Labour and Social Protection, Interior, Finance, Health, Education and Research, Infrastructure and Regional Development, Economic Development and Digitalization, and Environment, the official will delve into a series of informative sessions on EU legislation during her time in Brussels. The delegation also includes representatives from the National Bank of Moldova (BNM) and other pertinent public institutions.

These sessions, focusing on chapters such as Free Movement of Employees, Rights of Establishment and Freedom to Provide Services, Intellectual Property Rights, Competition Policy, and Financial Services, are integral to the ongoing assessment of European legislation. The European Commission’s detailed presentations and explanations of each chapter serve to enhance Moldova’s understanding and alignment with EU standards.


On March 15th, Deputy PM Cristina Gherasimov’s agenda in Berlin features a series of meetings with German officials, including Minister for Europe and Climate, Anna Lührmann. Additionally, she will participate in a conference titled “Consolidation of Europe – Simultaneous Management of Enlargement and Reforms in the EU,” organized by the Greens Parliamentary Group in the Bundestag during her stay in the German capital.

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