Deputy Secretary-General of NATO Calls for Regional Cooperation: Moldova Has Historic Opportunity for EU Accession

Deputy Secretary-General of NATO, Mircea Geoană, stated on Friday in Iași that the Republic of Moldova has a historic chance to join the European Union and thus “escape from the geographic curse,” as reported by Agerpres.

“The Republic of Moldova is a country that has a historic chance to escape from the geographic curse. For me, as the leader of NATO, the project of President Maia Sandu is extremely important, and I believe it is crucial for the vast majority of citizens of the Republic of Moldova, regardless of the language they speak at home, whether it’s Russian, Ukrainian, or Gagauz. I believe that if you have to choose between living in Europe and living in a Russian, post-Soviet system, you choose Europe,” said Mircea Geoană.

He expressed hope that at the European Council, European leaders will follow the favorable opinion of the European Commission and start the accession procedures for the Republic of Moldova and Ukraine.

“I am absolutely convinced that the project of the President of the Republic of Moldova, Maia Sandu, Moldova in the EU by 2030, is a feasible project. Not easy, but feasible,” added Mircea Geoană.

Similarly, NATO’s Deputy Secretary-General encouraged Romania to work with the Republic of Moldova and Ukraine on their European path, as well as on the reconstruction of the neighboring country after the conflict with the Russian Federation.

“As for the reconstruction of Ukraine, we need to be very active because discussions about reconstruction have been ongoing for some time. Conferences are organized in many other European capitals. I think we need to organize ourselves and identify companies that have the capacity and desire to do this. I have said it on other occasions; we need to work with the Republic of Moldova to undertake many reconstruction projects together in Ukraine. They have an interesting geography. They know the language and culture of the place, perhaps more than us. This could be an additional element of cohesion between the economies of Romania and the Republic of Moldova and, obviously, bringing Ukraine closer to us,” he added.

According to the NATO official, creating infrastructure that connects the Republic of Moldova and Ukraine to Europe, through Romania, Poland, and Slovakia, is also crucial.

“At least this arc from Chernivtsi – Chisinau – Odesa is an area that Romania, naturally, given its geography and influence, must cover and contribute to the development of this area and to the development of our own economy,” Mircea Geoană emphasized.

The Deputy Secretary-General of the Alliance participated in the conference “Economic Security and Innovation on the Eastern Flank of NATO and the EU,” an event held at the Palace of Culture in Iași, attended by representatives from academia, business, and politicians.


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