Discover the best wineries with restaurants in Moldova

Wine culture in Moldova is deeply woven into the fabric of the nation’s history, traditions, and identity, rendering it an indispensable aspect of its cultural heritage. Moldova stands renowned for its rich array of indigenous grape varietals, among them Feteasca Alba, Feteasca Neagra, Rara Neagra, and Plavai. Moreover, the cultivation of international varietals such as Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Chardonnay, and Sauvignon Blanc has yielded remarkable success.

In recent years, wine tourism has surged in popularity across Moldova, drawing visitors from far and wide to partake in the exploration of its illustrious wineries, picturesque vineyards, and storied wine cellars. A multitude of wineries now offer curated guided tours, captivating wine tastings, and immersive experiences that provide invaluable insights into every facet of the winemaking journey, from the vineyard to the final pour.

Castel Mimi

In the charming village of Bulboaca, Castel Mimi stands as a testament to Moldova’s rich winemaking heritage. This historic winery boasts an impressive castle-like structure that exudes grandeur and elegance. Within its walls lies a splendid restaurant, where guests are invited to embark on a culinary journey celebrating the diverse flavors of Moldova’s gastronomic tradition. Whether dining in the opulent halls or al fresco on the terrace, patrons are treated to breathtaking views of the surrounding vineyards, enhancing the overall dining experience with a touch of natural beauty and tranquility.


Et Cetera Winery

In Stefan-Voda district, Krokmaz village, Et Cetera Winery beckons visitors with its enchanting restaurant, offering sweeping vistas of its lush vineyards. Here, guests are treated to a culinary delight as the restaurant specializes in farm-to-table cuisine meticulously crafted from locally sourced ingredients. Each dish is thoughtfully prepared to complement the winery’s diverse selection of wines, ensuring a harmonious pairing of flavors that tantalize the palate and celebrate the essence of Moldova’s terroir.

Fautor Winery

Fautor Winery invites guests to indulge in a truly exceptional dining experience at its elegant restaurant. Here, patrons are treated to a culinary journey that harmoniously blends international flavors with locally sourced, seasonal ingredients, expertly paired with Fautor’s acclaimed wines. The restaurant’s sophisticated interior design and breathtaking panoramic views further enhance the ambiance, ensuring an unforgettable visit for discerning diners and wine enthusiasts alike.

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