Discover the Taraclia’s places with rich history

Taraclia is one of the unique districts in Moldova, rich in history, culture, and natural beauty. Located in the southernmost region, Taraclia attracts attention with its cozy streets, historical monuments, and famous winemaking traditions.

Historically, Taraclia is considered one of the oldest Bulgarian settlements in the southern part of Bessarabia. Even before the area was incorporated into the Russian Empire by the Bucharest Peace Treaty of 1812, Bulgarian families lived here. Historians consider 1813 as the official date of Taraklia’s foundation.

After the Russo-Turkish wars, refugees from the Balkan countries, mainly Bulgarians, found shelter in Taraclia, which turned the area into one of the main places of residence of the Bulgarian population in Moldova. In Taraclia, you can also visit the National Bulgarian Theater.

Looking into the museum, you can learn that Taraclia is one of the oldest Bulgarian settlements of the 19th century in what was then southern Bessarabia. Before Bujak became part of Russia through the Bucharest Peace Treaty of 1812, three Bulgarian families lived there. Historians recognize 1813 as the official founding date of Taraclia.


On the way back, consider making one more stop to capture the impressive panorama of Taraclia vineyards. Taraclia region is famous for its wine production. Various competitions have repeatedly awarded Taraclia Winery, established in 1955. Since 1991, it has won 40 gold, 11 silver, five bronze medals, and 3 Grand Prix at various international competitions and exhibitions.

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