(DOC) Gagauz Bashkan Eugenia Gutsul demanded a public apology from Moldovan President Maia Sandu

The Bashkan of Gagauzia, Eugenia Gutsul, has demanded a public apology from Moldovan President Maia Sandu for constant “insults” and “groundless accusations” against the first persons of the autonomy.

“Constant insults and groundless accusations against the first persons of Gagauzia have already become an integral element of Maia Sandu’s public speeches.

The purpose of these attacks is not just to humiliate me personally but to question the right of the Gagauz people to decide their fate and to elect the leadership of the autonomy without regard to Chisinau.

I did not react to these attacks for a long time, expecting that common sense and pragmatism would prompt the central authorities to start a civilized dialogue with the authorities of the autonomy. Sandu’s recent press conference dispelled the last hopes.
Today, I have filed a preliminary application against citizen Sandu for the protection of honor and dignity. We demand a public apology and a retraction. Equality of all citizens before the law is a basic principle of the rule of law. In a democratic society, no one is allowed (not even the president!) to insult and denigrate the reputation of another citizen,” Gutsul said.


Bashkan emphasized that if necessary, the representatives of the autonomy will appeal to the European Court of Human Rights.

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