Obtaining Moldovan citizenship may take longer. Issuing a document could take six months instead of 20 days

The term for which those wishing to obtain Moldovan citizenship may be increased. The procedure could take up to six months compared to the current 20 days.

A draft amendment to the regulations has been published for public consultation, and it also provides that the service for the recognition of persons who are citizens of the Republic of Moldova, which is currently undergoing on the day of address, could take up to six months.

According to the information note, the number of people seeking Moldovan citizenship has increased since the outbreak of war in Ukraine. About 70% of all applicants are Ukrainians, and another 20% hold Russian citizenship.


“It should be noted that following the examination of applications for acquiring Moldovan citizenship by recognition, attempts to acquire Moldovan citizenship by fraud were identified, based on documents of unknown origin submitted by applicants, which were prevented thanks to the verification of the authenticity of these documents by questioning the issuing authorities and the endorsement of these applications by the Information and Security Service,” the document reads.

The authorities argue that with the lifting of the state of emergency, the current regulations do not provide the appropriate level of security to prevent granting citizenship of our country to persons posing a threat to national security and public order. The information note states that the period of 20 days is insufficient for the endorsement of applications and related materials by the Information and Security Service, as well as for the verification of the authenticity of the submitted documents issued by the authorities of other states.

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