Dodon, Chicu and Voronin were invited to the presidential administration: politicians’ reactions

Igor Dodon, Vladimir Voronin, and Ion Cicu were allegedly invited for consultations at the presidential administration regarding the referendum on joining the European Union.

Thus, Ion Chicu, leader of the Development and Unification of Moldova party, said on social networks that he received a phone call from a representative of the presidential administration.

“Maia on the way to the second mandate needs “actors,” “crowd scene.” Maia, it’s too late for you,” Cicu commented about the invitation.

Former President Igor Dodon spoke about the invitation for consultations during a protest held in front of the government building on Wednesday. He specified that Vladimir Voronin was also invited to the presidential administration.


“Mrs. Maia Sandu, first you claim you want a referendum, then you contact pocket journalists, then yellow-Soros NGOs. And now he has called me, Voronin, to make a masquerade,” Dodon said during the rally.

President Maia Sandu plans to hold consultations with several parties in the country on the issue of the referendum on EU accession. Earlier, the president discussed this topic with the press, opinion leaders, civil society, youth organizations, and several Moldovan politicians.

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