The Moldovans working in Cyprus or Slovakia will be able to benefit from pensions

Moldovan citizens employed in the Republic of Cyprus or the Slovak Republic will now be entitled to pensions and other social benefits, thanks to two agreements approved by members of the parliamentary committee on foreign policy and European integration.

Under these agreements, employees, self-employed individuals, seconded workers, as well as personnel of diplomatic missions or consular posts, will be eligible for various benefits. These include old-age pensions, disability pensions resulting from general ailments, pensions and disability allowances arising from workplace accidents or occupational diseases, and survivor’s pensions. Each contracting state will be responsible for paying the portion of the pension proportional to the individual’s insurance period within its own territory.

According to data from the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection, Moldova has already established 17 bilateral agreements on social security with several countries, including Austria, Bulgaria, Portugal, Romania, Luxembourg, Estonia, Czech Republic, Belgium, Poland, Hungary, Lithuania, Germany, Turkey, Belarus, Italy (pending enforcement), Greece, and Spain (pending enforcement).


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