The government adopted a Road Fund program for more than 1.6 billion lei for the maintenance and repair of national roads

This year, a comprehensive program is set to address the maintenance and repair needs of nearly 6,000 kilometers of national public roads, as announced by the government’s communication department. The approved Program for the allocation of funds from the Road Fund will ensure the effective management of resources for these critical infrastructure projects.

Of the total allocation of 1.6 billion lei, approximately 367 million lei will be allocated for ongoing maintenance of national public roads during the summer months, with an additional 90 million lei designated for winter maintenance. Furthermore, over 184 million lei will be dedicated to periodic maintenance activities and services, while nearly 59 million lei will be allocated for road and bridge repair. The bulk of the funds, amounting to over 737 million lei, will be directed towards capital repairs of roads and bridges to address structural deficiencies and ensure their long-term durability.

Additionally, financial resources will be allocated for the development and adaptation of regulatory documents, the execution of design and cadastral works, and the assessment of roads, bridges, and land procurement. This comprehensive approach underscores the government’s commitment to enhancing the quality and safety of the national road network, thereby improving connectivity and facilitating socio-economic development across the country.


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