Dorin Recean at the meeting with Vice-Chancellor Robert Habeck: “Moldova is moving faster in the big European family, with reliable friends like Germany”

Prime Minister Dorin Recean convened with German Vice-Chancellor and Federal Minister for Economic Affairs and Climate Robert Habeck to delve into Moldova’s reform agenda to propel the nation’s economic advancement. Their discourse encompassed the initiatives undertaken by Moldova to attract foreign investment alongside avenues to bolster Moldovan-German trade and economic collaboration.

Expressing gratitude for Germany’s steadfast support in fortifying pivotal sectors essential for Moldova’s modernization, Recean underscored the untapped potential within Moldovan-German economic relations. He emphasized the significance of consistently apprising German entrepreneurs about the advantageous investment climate prevailing in Moldova.

“I am heartened by Germany’s commitment to enhancing our economic ties and facilitating investment opportunities for German enterprises. The Republic of Moldova remains steadfast in its pursuit of economic growth and progresses towards closer integration within the broader European framework, buoyed by steadfast allies like Germany,” remarked Recean.


The deliberations also delved into Moldova’s energy security imperatives and endeavors to diversify its renewable energy portfolio. Recean reiterated the nation’s commitment to reinforcing energy autonomy through collaborative ventures with partners and the strategic execution of energy initiatives.

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