6 Gold and Double Gold medals in France for wines from local varieties produced by Castel Mimi

We are pleased to announce that the Castel Mimi wine has recently been awarded a highly commendable result in the Gilbert & Gaillard International Challenge wine competition, held in France. All six wines entered in the competition were awarded Gold, and two of them Double Gold by winemaking experts who blind tasted them without prior knowledge of the country or the producer. The wines that have received awards are predominantly produced from local grape varieties by Castel Mimi. 

With Double Gold, Rara Neagra 2021 and Feteasca Neagra 2020, and with Gold – Rara Neagra Rose 2023, Sanzienele 2022, Chardonnay 2021, and Extra Brut DIVA 2021.

“We are certain that the local varietal wines produced by Castel Mimi will win over wine experts at blind tastings at every international competition. We are pleased to share our gratitude for nature, which has enabled us to extract the maximum potential from the grapes grown in the Codru region,” is the message from Mimi Castle, posted on social media. 


Gilbert & Gaillard is a wine competition. Each wine is evaluated on a 100-point scale, with the highest-scoring wines receiving a medal. This year’s competition saw 43,875 wines from all over the world. 

Castel Mimi is a winery in the Republic of Moldova that supports the promotion of our wines made from local grape varieties. The producer urges Moldovans in the country and the diaspora to choose Moldovan wines to promote the Moldovan name.

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