Dorin Recean met with the deputy minister for international affairs at the Japanese Finance Ministry. What did the officials discuss?

The Moldovan government wants to attract investments from Japan. Prime Minister of Moldova Dorin Recean and deputy minister for international affairs at the Japanese Finance Ministry, Masato Kanda, discussed this topic during a meeting. The Japanese official was on a working visit to Chisinau on June 5-6.

Prime Minister Dorin Recean highlighted Moldova’s interest in attracting new investments in the IT sector, automotive industry, renewable energy sources, production and processing of agricultural products, medicine, and electronics.

“The government creates the necessary infrastructure and conditions for entrepreneurs investing in Moldova. We are a safe country for prosperous business development and offer access to the European Union market. We are working to make entrepreneurial activity as easy and profitable as possible,” Prime Minister Dorin Recean said.


According to the government’s press release, the trade volume between Moldova and Japan increased in 2023, and the export of Moldovan products to the Japanese market rose by 27%. Among the exported goods are textile products and wines, while among the imported goods are cars, agricultural, and medical equipment.

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