Japan donates eight million dollars to Moldovan hospitals

Japan donates eight million dollars to hospitals in the Republic of Moldova. The Minister of Foreign Affairs Nicu Popescu and the Japanese ambassador Katayama Yoshihiro signed and agreement in this regard.

The document provides for the expansion of Japanese economic cooperation within the Medical System Consolidation Program. Based on this, our country will benefit from non-refundable financial assistance of up to one billion Japanese yen. The money will come through the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA).

“This new project comes to support the Republic of Moldova in the face of health challenges generated by the war in Ukraine. On this occasion, I would like to express my appreciation to the Moldovans for the hospitality with which you welcomed thousands of Ukrainian refugees who fled the war. I hope that the new equipment will be used for the good of Moldovan citizens and people from Ukraine”, says Yoshihiro.


The grant can be used for the procurement of medical imaging and dialysis equipment in 5 hospitals in Chisinau.

“It is an opportunity to remind us of this excellent bilateral partnership. During these 30 years of very difficult transition for our country, we have always felt and benefited from Japan’s support”. That was the declaration of the deputy Prime Minister Popescu.

The Embassy of Japan also reminded that they have financed several projects for improving of the quality of life in Moldova.

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