Electric Submarine Cable to Connect Romania, Azerbaijan, and Georgia, Bringing Affordable Energy to Moldova

Romania, Azerbaijan, and Georgia are set to be connected via an electric submarine cable that will bring affordable electricity to the region, including the Republic of Moldova. The project, which is supported by the European Union, was discussed by Victor Parlicov, the Minister of Energy, and Levan Diasamidze, the Georgian Ambassador to Moldova.

According to Parlicov, “We couldn’t even dream about this project 5-10 years ago. The situation in the region has completely changed after the war in Ukraine, and Russia has lost all its instruments of influence.” The project is expected to bring affordable energy to the region, which will benefit Moldova as well.

Georgia has valuable experience in developing hydro-energy, including small and medium-sized power plants. After the completion of the underwater investment, hydro energy from the Caucasus region could help balance the energy market in Moldova.


The cooperation in the energy sector with the Georgian side is expected to be developed within the Moldovan-Georgian Intergovernmental Commission on Economic Cooperation, which will meet on May 23-24. “We have a common history, and I am sure that we have a common future, along with the civilized world,” said the Georgian Ambassador, Levan Diasamidze.

The project is expected to further strengthen the energy security of the region, as well as promote economic cooperation and integration between the countries.

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