Employees indicted in bank fraud were suspended from the NBM! Dragu: As of January 31, they no longer work

The Governor of the National Bank of Moldova, Anca Dragu, has announced that the NBM employees involved in the bank fraud case have been suspended from 31 January. This decision follows the application of the Labour Code, art.76 lit. G, which allows the suspension of employment contracts in such situations.

Answering journalists’ questions, Anca Dragu stressed that the cooperation with state institutions is currently good, and the NBM is evaluating the legal framework to make changes to protect witnesses and whistleblowers. She also emphasized the importance of eliminating those who harm the banking sector’s reputation.

“In the case of the banking sector, especially the National Bank, reputation is crucial. The law is designed so that as soon as a person becomes indicted, especially in such a high-profile case, he must be isolated, at least by suspension. And, yes, in Moldova, the legal framework allows this, and I have applied it,” said Anca Dragu.


The governor of NBM noted that this approach is aligned with European and international principles and that, according to the law, they are not waiting for the final court decision to take such measures.

The banking fraud case involving NBM employees has attracted public attention, and the banking institution is determined to act promptly and firmly to ensure the integrity and reputation of the banking sector in the Republic of Moldova.

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