Ensuring Health Equality: Free Medical Aid for Ukrainian Refugees in Moldova

As Ukrainian refugees seek refuge in Moldova, their integration into society continues. To ensure equal healthcare opportunities, temporary protection beneficiaries in Moldova have the right to access free medical assistance nationwide, covering pre-hospital emergency care, primary healthcare, and hospital care for emergencies.

Doina-Maria Rotaru, Deputy General Director of CNAM, explains that emergency medical assistance includes ambulance services, dental care, dialysis, and hospital care. Primary healthcare covers consultations, preventive services, vaccinations, and pregnancy monitoring.

Refugees can access these services by registering with a family doctor at the nearest medical institution. Expenses are reimbursed through contracts with the National Health Insurance Center, with Moldova receiving international support for these initiatives.

Rotaru emphasizes the importance of knowing one’s rights to avoid corruption and encourages reporting to the National Anti-Corruption Hotline: 080055555 or filing complaints directly with the National Anti-Corruption Center.

About the Campaign: The “Live Safely #corruptionfree!” campaign, in partnership with the National Anti-Corruption Center, is funded by the German Government through GIZ Moldova.


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