EU ambassador about the next steps towards the integration of Moldova

The head of the EU Delegation in Chisinau says that after the submission of the application for membership by the Republic of Moldova follows the questionnaire process, during which our country will answer questions on the degree of readiness for Euro-integration. The diplomat says the questionnaire schedule will be made public soon. Janis Mažeiks also declared that in order for the Republic of Moldova to obtain the status of a candidate country for accession, a unanimous vote of the European Union states is required.

“If we look at the experience of other countries that have applied for membership, this process involves the application of a questionnaire to which the country had to answer, based on which economic criteria, political criteria, the degree of compliance with the acquis communautaire, thus a set of rules of the European Union, which must also be observed by the Republic of Moldova. But the timing of this process will be much clearer in the coming weeks “, said the Head of the EU Delegation in Chisinau, Janis Mažeiks during the show” Thursday with Liliana Barbăroșie “from the public television station.

Moldovalive reminds you that the application for the accession of the Republic of Moldova to the European Union was signed by President Maia Sandu, President of the Parliament Igor Grosu and by the Prime Minister Natalia Gavrilița on March 3. It happened after Ukraine and Georgia sent similar requests to Brussels.

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