EU Ambassador Congratulates Moldova on Historic Achievements in 2023

The European Union Ambassador to Chișinău, Janis Mazeiks, conveyed a congratulatory message during the New Year. According to him, 2023 was a historic year for the Republic of Moldova, when the European Council approved the initiation of accession negotiations to the EU.

Among the most significant projects supported by the EU in Moldova in 2023 are:

  • Energy compensation during the winter season
  • Road repairs and accession to the European Interconnection Mechanism
  • Accession to the EU Civil Protection Mechanism, making Moldova part of the European network of rescuers
  • Equipment for hospitals
  • Renovated kindergartens and schools
  • Support for local producers and farmers
  • Encouragement of journalists
  • Agreement among mobile operators for reducing roaming charges


In conclusion, the European Union delegation in Chișinău and Ambassador Janis Mazeiks thanked the citizens of the Republic of Moldova for a year marked by unity and progress and wished them a New Year full of success and fulfillment.

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