EU to transfer to Moldova and Ukraine €135 milion originally earmarked for Russia and Belarus

The European Commission has decided to transfer the sum of 135 million euros, originally allocated for cooperation programs with Russia and Belarus, to other cooperation programs with Ukraine and the Republic of Moldova.

European Commissioner for Cohesion and Reforms, Elisa Ferreira, announced that the decision is “the result of Russia’s brutal war against Ukraine.” “I am pleased that these funds, initially planned for this cooperation, will benefit the programs with Ukraine and the Republic of Moldova,” Ferreira mentioned.

According to the decision, the money will be able to “support a series of activities such as solidarity initiatives and the development of cross-border transport links, healthcare services, education and research projects, social inclusion programs, and the strengthening of the institutional capacity of Ukrainian and Moldovan public authorities.”

Following measures adopted by the European Union (EU) in March 2022, after the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the EC redirected another 26 million euros.


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