Export of Moldovan wines to Russian decreased by about 60%

From the beginning of 2022, the export of Moldovan wine to Russia has decreased by almost 60 percent, compared to the previous year. According to the National Office of Vine and Wine, the cause of this phenomenon is the reorientation of Moldovan producers towards the European and US markets, informs Agro TV.

During the last years, the export of Moldovan wines to Russia continued to decrease. From January 2022 until now, Moldovan winemakers have exported products worth 3.4 million dollars to Russia.

Several local producers have reoriented towards the Romanian market. Thus, since the beginning of this year, exports to the neighboring country have increased by 2.5 percent. In total, products worth 13.2 million dollars were exported to Romania.


At the same time, the export of Moldovan wines to Canada increased by a third. Moldovan wines worth 1.6 million dollars arrived on the shelves of Canadian stores.

Previously, the National Vine and Wine Office announced that, in the months of January-June 2022, Moldovan wine products reached 55 countries, reaching the amount of 60.4 million dollars. This is 26.3 percent more than in the same period last year.

The largest consumers of bottled Moldovan wines remain Romania (with a share of 18.9%), Poland (14.8%), the Czech Republic (12.7%), Russia (6.9%) and China (5.8 %).

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