From Moldova to Uman: A Spiritual Odyssey of Hasidic Jews

In the heart of Moldova, an extraordinary annual event unfolds as thousands of Hasidic Jews embark on a spiritual journey to the enchanting city of Uman in central Ukraine, coinciding with the Rosh Hashanah celebration. Moldova warmly welcomes these travelers, offering assistance and support throughout their pilgrimage.

From September 11th to the 22nd, Moldova’s borders will witness a vibrant tapestry of faith as approximately 30,000 Hasidic Jews traverse our country on their way to the holy Jewish sanctuary of Uman.

The path they tread upon in Moldova is not just a physical journey but a spiritual one, leading them to Uman—a city of profound significance for Hasidic Judaism, particularly for Breslov Hasidim. It’s the birthplace of Rabbi Nachman of Breslov, a founding figure in the Hasidic movement.

Hasidic Jews are easily recognizable by their distinctive attire, strict religious adherence, and unwavering dedication to their beliefs. While the highest concentration of Hasidic Judaism resides in Israel and the United States, the journey to Uman unites followers from around the world.

Moldova proudly stands as a gracious host, extending a hand in friendship and support to these pilgrims. As the borders come alive with faith and tradition, Moldova’s commitment to ensuring a smooth and secure passage for Hasidic Jews is a testament to the power of unity and shared spiritual aspirations. This annual spectacle is a celebration of cultural diversity within our borders, a testament to the enduring human spirit, and an embodiment of faith.

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