Germany Grants €14.8M for Moldova’s Youth and Development

Germany is offering Moldova a €14.8 million aid. The funds will be used to finance projects for youth, including initiatives in energy efficiency, vocational training, and public administration.

Today, the members of the Foreign Policy and European Integration Committee approved the advisory opinion for initiating negotiations and approving the signing of a treaty with the German government. The grant includes €3.8 million for promoting youth employability through practical vocational training in high-demand sectors, such as energy, for individuals up to 35 years old from both Moldova and Ukraine, spanning 2024-2026.

Additionally, a €5 million grant supports energy efficiency and renewable energy projects, focusing on regional development plans and disseminating best practices from November 2023 to October 2026. Another €6 million grant aims to enhance the attractiveness and efficiency of Moldova’s public administration by implementing measures from public administration reform and public finance management development strategies, spanning January 2024 to December 2026.


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