Government about the Transnistrian congress: “The only tension today is the gloomy day outside”

The government is confident that there is no risk of escalation on the left bank of the Dniester. The statement was made by the press secretary of the government, Daniel Voda, after the cabinet meeting.

The official was referring to the Congress of Transnistrian deputies, which is taking place in Tiraspol, but also the rumors about the possible appeal of Tiraspol and the request of the separatist region of Moldova to join Russia.

“There is no danger of escalation and destabilization. This is another campaign trying to hystericise society. We see no danger of destabilisation. We are watching closely. The only tension today is the gloomy day outside”, commented Daniel Voda.

Chisinau has previously said that there is no indication that separatist leaders might demand that Russia accept the integration of Transnistria into its membership. Similar statements were made by Kyiv officials, US experts, and the deputy head of NATO.


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