Government Approves Republic of Moldova’s National Plan for EU Accession

The Cabinet of Ministers has approved the National Action Plan for the Republic of Moldova’s Accession to the European Union for the years 2024-2027, developed in collaboration with numerous institutions and active consultations with civil society.

This strategic document aligning national legislation with the acquis of the European Union is structured in accordance with the 33 chapters and contains 7 compartments, which include the implementation measures of the envisaged actions, responsible institutions, deadlines for achievement, and sources of planned expenditure coverage.

“Our national objective is to prepare the Republic of Moldova for accession to the European Union by the year 2030. From now on, the Plan serves as our foundation for the accession process to the European Union. Through it, we commit to adapting and integrating European legislation into our national legal framework,” stated Vice Prime Minister Nicu Popescu.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and European Integration will ensure the overall coordination of the Plan’s implementation process, including following each EU Enlargement Report.


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