Grants worth more than 1 million lei from the EU and the Moldovan Government obtained by a young entrepreneur from Chisinau

At 29, young Vasile Burca from the capital runs a company that provides services for preparing raw materials for furniture manufacturing. He founded the business in 2019.

“The idea of the business started from the production of custom-made furniture. I saw a demand in the market in the given field, and I re-profiled myself. Our company is located in Chisinau municipality and provides services of cutting and melamine chipboard gluing and processing of MDF facades. We are glad that we started with four employees. Now we have 28 employees”, says the proud entrepreneur.

The young entrepreneur has accessed non-reimbursable funding from the Moldovan Government and the European Union through programs managed by the Organisation for the Development of Entrepreneurship (ODA). The businessman has received 1.170 million lei in non-reimbursable financial support. 


“With the help of the Government of the Republic of Moldova and the European Union, we received the first grant of 250,000 lei and purchased a precision drilling machine for furniture manufacturing. After a while, we also applied to a Re-technologization program where we purchased a precision cutting machine, for which we received a grant of 920,000 lei. With the help of the Re-technologization Program and “PARE 1+1,” we achieved an increase in the number of employees and revenues by 20% annually”, says entrepreneur Vasile Burca.  

You can find more details about the grant programs accessible through the Entrepreneurship Development Organisation at

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