Adrian Efros met with Mircea Geoana in Brussels. What did they discuss

Moldovan Interior Minister Adrian Efros met with the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO) Deputy Secretary General Mircea Geoana in Brussels. The officials discussed ways of increasing the information level to the authorities in Brussels about the region’s situation.

“The dignitaries also discussed topical issues, including strengthening the resilience of the Republic of Moldova, as well as the prospects and priorities for cooperation with EU Member States. At the same time, they discussed the implementation of the objectives of the Individual Action Plan of the Moldova-NATO Partnership, the strengthening of Moldova’s defense capabilities and cooperation in combating new threats to the security of our country,” the MAI officials said.

During the discussions, Adrian Efros appreciated NATO’s support and expertise, stressing the importance of continued cooperation in areas of common interest.


In his reply, Mircea Geoana highlighted NATO’s commitment to supporting efforts to strengthen democracy and security in the Republic of Moldova and stressed the need for an integrated approach by the government to current security challenges.

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