Maia Sandu at the annual EU budget conference: “Help us to show Moldovans that the EU offers not only a perspective for a better future but also the present they deserve”

Assist us in demonstrating to Moldovans, who have clung to hope for three decades, that the European Union doesn’t merely promise a brighter tomorrow but also presents the present they rightfully deserve—a life of decency, freedom, and dignity. Head of State Maia Sandu during the annual European Union Budget Conference stated it.

The official emphasized that backing candidate countries like Moldova entails prioritizing investments in areas that bolster economies and entire societies—investments in governance, anti-corruption measures, judicial reforms, and security infrastructure.

“The forthcoming EU budget must transcend immediate concerns, foresee challenges, and offer groundbreaking solutions. We require a proactive budget that will strategically invest in peace. As demonstrated in the past, it’s time for the EU to decisively invest in preparing both candidate countries and the Union itself for the next enlargement phase. The successful integration of new members in 2004 was no coincidence; it resulted from deliberate and strategic budgeting and resource allocation by the EU. Enlargement is pivotal for security. By incorporating more nations, the EU extends its sphere of stability across a broader region, fortifying our collective resilience against external pressures and threats,” remarked Maia Sandu.


President Maia Sandu asserted that, for Moldova, a budget for peace equates to a budget that safeguards values. “The funds available are as crucial as any military deterrent. They can aid us in building resilience, preparing for EU membership, and shielding us from those who seek to impose an alternative way of life upon us—repression against democratic freedom. To translate our aspirations into reality, we require increased EU support from the forthcoming budget as we gear up for membership. With an EU budget for peace, furnish us with the tools to realize our ambitions and expedite preparations for accession. The EU budget isn’t solely about expenditure but about investing in a better and peaceful Europe—the fundamental cornerstone for future prosperity,” articulated Maia Sandu.

Head of State Maia Sandu is on an official visit to Brussels on 28-29 April, participating in the annual EU budget conference.

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