Grosu: Russia considers countries with emerging democracy contagious for their citizens

Speaker of the Parliament Igor Grosu believes that the summons of the Ambassador of the Republic of Moldova by the Russian Foreign Ministry is part of Russia’s “imperialist approach.”

The speaker assured that the legislature of Chisinau would soon vote to withdraw from the Agreement with the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS), reports

“Relations with Russia are very, very damaged. We cannot talk about good relations with an aggressor state that destroys our neighboring state of Ukraine and ignores all norms. We see aggressive rhetoric against the Republic of Moldova, orchestrated campaigns supported by this state, and against organized criminal groups,” Igor Grosu said.

The head of the legislature stressed that, recently Russia has become much more aggressive, especially after the Republic of Moldova received the status of an EU candidate country.

Grosu added that the summoning by the Russian authorities of the Ambassador of the Republic of Moldova, Lilian Darius, accredited in Moscow, is part of Russia’s imperialist approach.

“It is an imperialist approach in the context of the clear and open position of the Republic of Moldova. The best thing that Russia can do now is withdraw its army, stop killing civilians, and stop destroying cities and villages. In winter, we saw energy blackmail, but we have become more resilient. We have seen the embargo, the propaganda, the disinformation – all this cannot lead to an atmosphere of friendship.

All statements that Moldova hears are imperial policy, tough, cynical, and disrespectful towards such an emerging democracy as the Republic of Moldova. The Russian Federation considers such countries contagious for its citizens,” the head of the Legislative Assembly said.

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