Nicu Popescu Discusses European Path and Progress with Luxembourg’s PM Xavier Bettel

During a meeting with Xavier Bettel, the Prime Minister of Luxembourg, Vice Prime Minister Nicu Popescu, accompanied by the Secretary-General of the Government, Artur Mija, discussed the European trajectory of the Republic of Moldova and our significant progress in implementing the nine recommendations put forth by the European Commission. The Moldovan officials expressed their full commitment to continue their efforts to initiate accession negotiations by the end of this year.

Additionally, the Moldovan representative thanked Prime Minister Xavier Bettel for his participation in the second edition of the European Political Community Summit.


“We emphasized the importance of his commitment and that of other European leaders in supporting the European path of the Republic of Moldova. In this context, we referred to the upcoming edition of the Moldova Support Platform, scheduled to take place in October in Chișinău.

We also discussed the positive development of bilateral dialogue and the intensification of trade and investment relations. In this regard, I expressed gratitude to the Luxembourg Prime Minister for the ongoing assistance provided in strengthening democracy, supporting sustainable development, and fostering economic growth in our country,” stated Minister Nicu Popescu.

The meeting between Vice Prime Minister Nicu Popescu and Luxembourg’s Prime Minister Xavier Bettel highlights the mutual commitment to advancing Moldova’s European aspirations and deepening bilateral cooperation. The discussions held during the meeting serve to strengthen ties and pave the way for future collaborations in various sectors, fostering the Republic of Moldova’s progress on its European path.

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