Half of the actions regarding the implementation of EU conditionalities have been approved

Half of the 35 actions provided for in the implementation plan of the conditionalities proposed by the European Commission have been carried out. This is what the state secretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and European Integration, Vladimir Cuc, says, according to which most of the actions carried out are aimed at adopting the laws or regulations necessary for the proper functioning of the institutions.

Along with obtaining the status of a candidate country for accession, the European Commission recommended that the Republic of Moldova fulfill 9 basic conditionalities, informs ipn.md.

It is about justice reform, remedying deficiencies in electoral legislation, combating corruption, deoligarchization, strengthening the fight against organized crime and asset recovery, improving public services, reforming public administration, involving civil society in decision-making processes, strengthening the capacity of public administration and protecting human rights and combating gender violence. The Secretary of State at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs says that the action plan regarding the realization of these conditionalities is implemented in proportion to 50%.

“We are actively pursuing the implementation of the 9 measures set by the European Commission. The action plan was approved in August 2022, and the implementation period is one year. Half of the actions are planned until the end of this year, totaling 35 actions, the others will be left for next year. We have 18 actions completed or in the final stage. For example, the legal framework of the CSM was strengthened, the legislation aimed at verifying candidates for the National Institute of Justice was approved, the Law of the Prosecutor’s Office was adjusted according to the recommendations of the Venice Commission, the new Electoral Code was recently approved”, said Vladimir Cuc in the program “Common Objective” from TVR Moldova.


According to the state secretary, the crises faced by the Republic of Moldova complicate the implementation process of the action plan, but the authorities will not admit deviations from the calendar agreed with the European partners.

At the same time, experts in the field of European integration say that reforming legal institutions and ensuring the independence of the judiciary will be the aspects that will weigh the most in the evaluation of the European Commission.

On June 23, 2022, the Republic of Moldova obtained, together with Ukraine, the status of candidate country for accession to the European Union. Georgia, which submitted a similar request, was only recognized as a prospect for membership.

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