Head of diplomacy Mihai Popsoi met with EU ambassadors accredited in Chisinau

Deputy Prime Minister Mihai Popsoi met with ambassadors from EU countries accredited in Chisinau at the MFA. They discussed foreign policy priorities and topical regional and international issues, the MFA press office reports.

Dialogue on Moldova’s accession to the European Union will remain a key priority of Moldovan diplomacy. Minister Mihai Popsoi reported on the process of sharing competencies between the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Office for European Integration. The Moldovan official noted that we are determined to form an effective team to advance our objectives externally and internally.

“In my mandate, I will focus on strengthening active, present, and visible diplomacy. Traditional bilateral partnerships will be a landmark in external cooperation, complemented by strengthening dialogue with states in geographical areas of interest, but where Moldova does not have a sufficiently pronounced presence.


I thanked the ambassadors for their support to the Republic of Moldova during difficult times, but also for the contribution of the countries they represent to initiating negotiations for Moldova’s accession to the European Union”, underlined Mihai Popsoi.

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