The new mayor of Bubuieci after being elected: “The vote honors me and makes me responsible”

The new mayor of Bubuieci commune, Chisinau municipality, Alexei Percemli, came with a message of thanks to all those who gave him their vote of confidence in the February 11 repeat elections. The candidate of the Action and Solidarity Party (PAS) was elected mayor with a vote of 891 people.

“Dear inhabitants of Bubuieci, Thank you very much for your trust! Your vote honors and makes me responsible. I pledge to serve and represent with dignity the villages of Bubuieci, Bîc, and Humulești. We have a lot of work to do. Once the validation procedures are completed, together with the team we will immediately get to work to achieve what we promised – good living conditions for all the inhabitants of Bubuieci. May we be successful!” Alexei Percemli wrote on Facebook.

The Central Electoral Commission announces that in the repeat elections of Sunday, February 11, a turnout of 22.26% of the registered voters was registered, which means that 1,748 people turned out to vote.In the local elections of autumn 2023, the local elections in the municipality of Bubuieci were won by Leonid Umanet, the MAN candidate. Shortly after, a scandal broke out and the Central Electoral Commission (CEC) declared the results of the elections for mayor of Bubuieci invalid, on the grounds that the elected mayor did not have a general education diploma.

Members of the National Alternative Movement (MAN) party say otherwise and have urged people to boycott the elections.


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