Head of the SIS: Yuri G. and Vadim Y., at the behest of the Kremlin, built an agent network in Moldova

The head of the SIS, Alexander Mustyatsa, spoke about two citizens involved in acts of treason and espionage associated with the Kremlin. The official did not give full names, noting only that they were talking about Yuri G. and Vadim Y.

During the briefing, he stated that since 2020 they have been identifying and recruiting citizens of the Republic of Moldova, thereby creating an agent network in our country. According to him, for this purpose, $500,000 was transferred from Russia to Moldova through illegal money transfers in 2021 through shadow channels. It is reported that one of the agents was a citizen of Moldova and will stand trial. According to Musteata, he was driven by monetary interest.

“The named agent was recruited based on material interest in 2021. At this stage, he is in custody,” Mustiata said.

Currently, three people are wanted, including a citizen of Moldova, who is also suspected of fraud on an especially large scale. Another citizen of our country, whose identity has not been disclosed, has been included on the wanted list.

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