How will the EU ensure nobody couldn’t steal pre-accession funds in Moldova? Cristina Gherasimov explains

Moldovan authorities and institutions can apply for pre-accession funds if they have projects for which to use, Cristina Gherasimov says. According to the deputy prime minister for European integration, international partners are ready to share their experience.

EU member states can advise us on accessing and absorbing funds and implementing European projects in Moldova.

“The European Union utilizes various monitoring and evaluation tools to block or suspend certain funds if reforms are incomplete, partially implemented, funds are concealed, or misused,” Cristina Gherasimov told in the program In Depth (In Profunzime) when asked how the EU ensure nobody couldn’t steal pre-accession funds in Moldova.


The official also explained that Moldova and Ukraine go hand in hand in assessing national legislation and its compliance with EU regulations. After the first reports, however, each of the two countries could go their separate ways, depending on their performance.

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