How will elections be organized in Ukraine and Russia? Postica: “Polling stations will open in Kyiv, Odesa, and Moscow”

The war will not prevent Moldovans in Ukraine and Russia from exercising their right to vote in the presidential elections and referendum in the fall. Deputy Chairman of the CEC Pavel Postica said during the program “Rezoomat” on RLIVE TV that Moldova will open polling stations in Kyiv, Odesa, and Moscow. Also, seeking the host country’s consent is necessary to open additional polling stations.

“We will certainly open polling stations in the Russian Federation and Ukraine, but we will decide the number and their locations later. We must open polling stations in Kyiv and Odesa because we have a diplomatic mission and consulate there. Similarly, we must open polling stations in Moscow due to our diplomatic mission. We will need to assess the feasibility of opening polling stations outside diplomatic missions, taking into account the host country’s stance. If the Russian Federation does not permit us to open additional polling stations, we will open them only at our diplomatic missions,” said Pavel Postica.

Our country opened seventeen polling stations in the Russian Federation for the 2020 presidential elections in Moldova.


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