Igor Grosu at the meeting with the Deputy Secretary General of the Council of Europe: “We will work to have strong institutions”

The Council of Europe has reaffirmed its commitment to bolstering Moldova’s endeavors in implementing the National Action Plan for EU accession. Speaker Igor Grosu addressed this matter during a meeting with Bjorn Berge, Deputy Secretary General of the Council of Europe, who is currently visiting Moldova, as reported by the parliament’s communication and public relations department.

Grosu highlighted the longstanding support provided by the Council of Europe to Moldova in fostering democratic reforms, particularly in the realms of justice, media, and human rights.

“We remain steadfast in our dedication to advancing the initiated reforms, with a focus on the judiciary. Despite resistance encountered among certain judicial circles, our commitment to this irreversible process remains unwavering,” emphasized Grosu.

Furthermore, the discussion encompassed the crucial issue of combatting misinformation and propaganda. Grosu commended the Council of Europe’s expertise in enhancing media pluralism.


“Over the past three years, substantial strides have been made in fortifying key state institutions such as the Central Electoral Commission and the Audiovisual Council. Our incremental approach aims to cultivate resilient institutions capable of effectively countering criminal entities and external challenges,” elaborated Grosu.

Against the backdrop of the Council of Europe’s 75th anniversary, Berge will partake in an event to deliver a significant donation of medical equipment as part of the project “Strengthening Prison and Probation Reforms: Provision of Healthcare and Treatment of Patients in Closed Institutions.”

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