Moldova will benefit from the expertise of Greece and Romania in the EU integration process

A Memorandum of Understanding was formally agreed upon during a trilateral meeting involving the heads of the foreign affairs committees from the parliaments of the Republic of Greece, Romania, and Moldova.

This significant event took place in Athens and saw the presence of Deputy Speaker Doina Gherman, Ina Coseru, the head of the parliamentary committee on foreign policy and European integration, and Larisa Novac, chairwoman of the Group of Friends of the Hellenic Republic.

As relayed by the parliament’s communication and public relations department, the memorandum aims to streamline information exchange and foster collaboration across areas of mutual interest. Doina Gherman highlighted the document’s importance, stating, “The Memorandum will serve as a foundational framework for executing various European cooperation initiatives among national parliaments, in tandem with international experts. It will pinpoint key sectors necessitating Moldova’s support, thereby tailoring specific programs to address these needs.”


During their stay in Athens, the Moldovan Parliament delegation engaged in discussions with Ioannis Plakiotakis, the First Vice-President of the Greek Parliament and Chair of the European Affairs Committee.

Furthermore, the delegation seized the opportunity to engage with members of the Friendship Group of the Greek Parliament and connect with Moldovan expatriates residing in Greece.

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