Video Victoria Cazacu’s daughter’s first reaction after the airport search scandal: I was sensing unpleasant surprises

Diana Cazacu, the customs inspector who was targeted in the airport raids, anticipated encountering “unpleasant surprises.” The official stated that she perceived negative attitudes towards herself when Igor Talmazan proposed appointing her as head of the post at the airport.

Last autumn, Diana Cazacu had discussions with her superior, who accused her of wanting to take their place. Cazacu also mentioned that her mother is not responsible for her actions.

“Liability is individual. I am responsible for my actions. My mother is not responsible for me and I am not responsible for my mother’s actions. Madam President, we are acquainted and you are aware of my work and its results in the interest of the Republic of Moldova. You know me to be an individual of integrity. Igor Grosu, you are aware of the circumstances that led to my transfer from SIS to the Customs Service. My family and I have become an example of televised justice. I am not guilty. There is no connection between my work in the Customs Service and my mother. Similarly, my work in the SIS was not influenced by her in any way,” said Cazacu.

Victoria Cazacu, formerly a member of PAS, was involved in a scandal following airport searches. The case also implicates the son-in-law of socialist Radu Mudrec and the son of former democrat MP Gheorghe Brasovschi.

Following the investigations, PAS requested that Victoria Cazacu relinquish her parliamentary mandate.


On April 1 morning, searches were carried out at the airport in connection with a scheme to demand money from passengers to facilitate the smuggling of various goods into or out of the country. Several customs inspectors of the Customs Post at Chisinau International Airport and individuals are being investigated by NAC officers and prosecutors of the Chisinau municipality.

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