Igor Grosu in Paris: Moldova’s place is in Europe, and France unconditionally supports us on this path

Moldova’s place is in Europe, and France unconditionally supports us on this path, said Parliament Speaker Igor Grosu, currently in Paris. The Moldovan official discussed with the President of the French National Assembly, Yael Braun-Pivet, the reforms on the parliamentary agenda and the takeover of French expertise in areas such as European policies, the green economy, and the fight against disinformation.

“In recent years, we have had an intense bilateral agenda, including between friendship groups or committees, and for this, I express my deep gratitude to Mrs Braun-Pivet and the French people. We also talked about the challenges we face and must overcome to ensure the independence of justice, the fight against corruption, and the strengthening of the economy.

The Republic of Moldova is making important steps in these areas, but we still need help. Among the topics discussed were the recently signed documents – the Defence Cooperation Agreement, the Roadmap on Economic Cooperation for 2024-2029, and the EUR 40 million Reafforestation Credit Facility Agreement. Through such concrete actions, we will further boost trade exchanges, diversify cooperation, and increase French private investment in Moldova,” Igor Grosu wrote on Facebook.


At the same time, Igor Grosu also discussed with Moldovans living in France. He asked for support in advancing the negotiation process on the Agreements in Social Protection and driving license conversion and for help organizing the elections this autumn.

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