Siegfried Muresan: Moldova could join the European Union ahead of Ukraine

MEP Siegfried Muresan argues that the Republic of Moldova has a real chance of joining the European Union before Ukraine, especially if it maintains a pro-European government and continues implementing the necessary reforms. He made the statement during the “Romanian Reality” program on Vocea Basarabiei, writes

“Currently, Moldova and Ukraine are treated as a package in the talks on joining the European Union. It is a fair and justified approach, which is in the interest of both countries. At the beginning of this process, officials assess the countries together, but at the end, they will assess each country on its own merits, allowing each to join when it is ready.

The country can join the EU before Ukraine if we have a pro-European government in the Republic of Moldova. Everything will depend on the degree of implementation of reforms,” said Muresan.

In March 2022, the Republic of Moldova applied to join the EU, and in June 2022, it became a candidate country. Negotiations on European integration began in December 2023.


In 2024, the president asked the Parliament to prepare the organization of the referendum on Moldova’s accession to the EU and held several rounds of consultations with the country’s political parties, representatives of several fields of activity, and civil society. Subsequently, ruling party MPs asked the Constitutional Court to give its opinion.

On 16 April 2024, the Constitutional Court ruled that Moldova’s European integration can become a strategic objective included in the Constitution and that the referendum can be at the same time as the presidential elections.

In the referendum on European integration, citizens will answer the question: “Do you support the introduction of European integration in the Constitution of Moldova?” Two answer options will be available on the ballot paper – “Yes” and “No.”

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