At least 15 episodes of systemic corruption: Orhei Hospital investigation

Employees of the National Anti-Corruption Center (NCAC) searched for two employees of the narcology department of the Orhei district hospital. The head of the department and a narcology doctor are systemic corruption suspected.

The National Anti-Corruption Center charges hospital employees with at least 15 episodes of systemic corruption involving demands for and receipt of money.

The collected evidence confirms that the doctors demanded sums from 800 to 1500 lei to speed up the issuance of medical certificates for drivers and applicants for driving licenses and other medical certificate types without the applicant’s physical presence.

Authorities have summoned the employees of the Orhei district hospital for hearings as suspects in committing passive aggravated bribery.


Health Minister Alla Nemerenko has sharply criticized the staff of the Orhei district hospital, searched in a corruption case.

“Some can’t get rid of the idea of taking the director’s chair. I would advise them to humble themselves to make our work easier. The Ministry is adamant – Zero tolerance for corruption,” – wrote the Minister of Health on the social network.

Alla Nemerenko noted that representatives of the Ministry of Health express gratitude to the National Anti-Corruption Center staff, who “recently have been very good in the field of health care,” contributing to strengthening the capacity of the health system and making it whole.

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