Igor Grosu: Referendum will put an end to speculations on whether Moldovans want to join the EU

The referendum will finally put a stopper to long-standing speculations and show whether Moldovans want to join the European Union, Parliament Speaker Igor Grosu said on public television.

“Earlier, proposals to hold referendums also came from the opposition because, according to them, we cannot move forward without it. Besides the fact that the referendum has a purpose, the result of the elections also matters because elections are a kind of referendum. I believe that Moldovans want to be part of the EU family, a space where people and human life are respected, a space of well-being,” Igor Grosu said.

On the eve of Christmas in the new style, Maia Sandu announced her intention to run for a second presidential term and asked parliament to organize a referendum on Moldova’s accession to the EU.

“We still have a lot to do. And the most important thing is to ensure peace and a better future for all families and children of Moldova. We have a guarantee of such a future only as an EU member state,” she emphasized at the time.

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