Republic of Moldova’s Diplomatic Triumph: 37 Bilateral Treaties Signed in 2023

In a remarkable display of diplomatic prowess, the Republic of Moldova inked 37 bilateral treaties throughout the course of 2023. Among these, 15 were negotiated at the state level, while 17 were at the government level, with an additional seven treaties personally signed by the Minister of Foreign Affairs. The annual report of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and European Integration, as cited by IPN, reveals that three interstate and intergovernmental treaties, including those predating 2023, have come into effect.

These treaties cover a spectrum of critical areas for Moldovan citizens, addressing issues of paramount importance. Notable agreements include the pact on social security between the Republic of Moldova and the Republic of Latvia, the grant agreement with Japan facilitating the “Fertilizer Assurance for Farmers” project, and the comprehensive cooperation agreement with the Portuguese Republic spanning language, education, higher education, science and technology, culture, sports, youth, and media.

Further underscoring international collaboration, specific cooperation agreements were forged, such as the Agreement on the Status of the European Union Partnership Mission in Moldova, targeting the elimination of hybrid risks. The Republic of Moldova also committed to the European Union Civil Protection Mechanism and extended the mandate of the European Commission’s Border Assistance Mission in Moldova and Ukraine until November 30, 2025.

The impact on the Moldovan diaspora was not overlooked, with treaties coming into effect, including the Social Protection Agreements with Italy and Greece, as well as the Agreement on the conversion and mutual recognition of driving licenses with Turkey. Ongoing negotiations for driving license conversion involve key countries like France, the United Kingdom, Spain, Israel, and others. Additionally, negotiations persist for bilateral social protection agreements with several nations, aiming to provide social security guarantees for migrant workers from Moldova.

In a significant move, the Republic of Moldova denounced 44 agreements with the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) out of a total of 282, signaling a shift in its international affiliations. Moldova also threw its weight behind the creation of the Extended Partial Agreement on the Register of Damages under the auspices of the Council of Europe. This platform aims to record information on evidence and complaints regarding damages caused by the Russian Federation against Ukraine, its authorities, or its citizens within internationally recognized borders, starting from February 24, 2022.


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