Igor Grosu: the biggest threat comes from the Black Sea

Igor Grosu believes that the biggest threat comes from the Black Sea. He also stated that Moldova’s airspace is monitored jointly with specialists from Romania and Ukraine. Being on National Culture Day in Bucharest, the president of the Parliament from Chisinau spoke with journalists from Agerpres about possible risks for our country, in the context of the war in Ukraine.

The official pointed out that neutrality does not exempt us from the need to invest in defense. According to Grosu, our country will do it both with its own resources and with the support of partners.

“Of course, the greatest danger comes from the Black Sea, because every time the fleet of the aggressor state, the Russian Federation, is put out to sea, we are expecting, so to speak, surprises. Usually when they bomb Vinnytsia, Lviv, and Odesa, then the danger also increases for us”, revealed Grosu.


Referring to previous statements by the head of the Intelligence and Security Service, Alexandru Musteață, such as that Russia is planning to invade the Republic of Moldova, Grosu claims that they referred to analyzes and statements by Russian army generals. He reiterates that there are currently no risks.

“At the moment, these dangers do not exist, because we watched the success of the Ukrainian forces in Kherson, who pushed the invading army across the river. So, at the moment we do not see any imminent danger of escalation of the conflict, of the war in Transnistria. In Transnistria itself, the situation is tense, but at the same time we see a concern at the level of the population, but also at the level of the so-called administration there. Overall, the people there do not want the escalation. We see this in both dialogue and behavior. So far we have managed to maintain stability, and I hope to keep maintaining it in the future”, concluded Igor Grosu.

On Saturday, the pieces of a rocket were identified in Briceni. The authorities say that they fell after Russia’s massive bombing against Ukraine, and engineers intervened because the warhead had explosives. This is the third case when a shell falls or is found in our country, on the border with Ukraine.

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