IGSU Leadership Joins Moldovan Rescuers in Large-Scale Field Exercise in Tbilisi, Georgia

In a display of solidarity and cooperation, the leadership of the General Inspectorate for Emergency Situations (IGSU) participated alongside Moldovan rescue teams in a large-scale field exercise held in Tbilisi, Georgia from June 14th to 16th, 2023. The exercise, known as TbiEX Georgia – 2023, involved 56 rescuers and firefighters equipped with 12 units of specialized machinery, all aimed at honing their skills and capabilities.

“Our firefighters’ mission is to respond to various simulated situations in fire-affected areas, with the goal of perfecting firefighting techniques for extensive forest fire extinguishment,” stated the IGSU in an announcement. The deputy chief of IGSU encouraged the participants, motivating them to achieve new milestones in their field.

During their visit to Tbilisi, the IGSU leadership also held a meeting with Hanna Jahns, Director of Disaster Preparedness within the European Commission. The discussions covered several topics related to disaster preparedness, prevention, and response, as well as the outcomes achieved through the implementation of the PPRD East 3 program.


“Various aspects related to training, prevention, and disaster response were discussed during the meeting. We also explored the prospects of the Republic of Moldova’s accession to the European Union’s Civil Protection Mechanism, as well as the possibility of continuing the Disaster Prevention and Reduction Program. Moreover, both parties expressed interest in the continuity of projects aimed at protecting the population, as evidenced by the participation of the Republic of Moldova alongside Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Ukraine, Italy, and Sweden in the TbiEX Georgia – 2023 exercise,” stated the IGSU press release.

The joint exercise in Tbilisi not only serves as a valuable opportunity for Moldovan rescuers to enhance their skills but also strengthens collaboration between countries in the realm of disaster management and emergency response. Such initiatives contribute to the collective efforts in ensuring the safety and well-being of populations in the face of potential calamities.

The TbiEX Georgia – 2023 exercise showcases the commitment of nations to work together, exchange expertise, and create a more resilient and prepared society when it comes to disaster situations. As the exercise concludes, the lessons learned and experiences gained will undoubtedly serve as building blocks for a more effective and coordinated response in the future.

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