IMF to provide $160 mln loan: Parliament stands “FOR” it

The International Monetary Fund will provide Moldova with a state loan through the Resilience and Long-Term Sustainability Financing Facility (RSF). The parliament adopted the relevant draft law in the first reading.

The issue is about $160 million (129.375 million special drawing rights).

The interest rate applied for this loan will equal the base interest rate on the SDR (currently about 4%), plus a margin of 0.75 p.p. and a service fee of 0.25%.

The program spans 22 months, and borrowers must meet 12 specified conditions for loan disbursement. The loan matures in 20 years, including a 10-year grace period, and we will disburse it in 20 tranches. The IMF Executive Board will review the country’s reports in late June and expects to disburse the funds in early July.


The program will support Moldova’s efforts to build resilience to climate shocks, implement energy sector reforms, and mobilize sustainable finance.

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